OH it has been busy. So busy that I went nearly 21 hours without Facebook at one stage. We can blame Epic Double Swedish lessons last night and night before for that. My bike lights failed, obviously, making the 4 miles journey from the station to my house in the rain even more epic. On top of that (for reasons I will go into in paragraphs to come), I couldn't really see properly. I managed to cycle through a flooded underpass at one stage, not seeing the warning signs as they, like me, were submerged in water.
My dedication to learning Swedish deserves some kind of recognition from the government, I think. I'll keep an eye on my letterbox for the award. As far as the lessons go, we've been learning all sorts of words for vegetables and fruit, which would equip me very well for a career as a greengrocer in Sweden, had I not then forgotten all the numbers I'd learnt the week before last. WHICH IS ANNOYING because I'd picked up the numbers fairly quickly but obviously my brain can only fit in so much stuff. Plums and oranges go in, sevens and elevens come out. I'm still finding pronunciation mega-difficult and frustrating. I know how it SHOULD sound but can't get my mouth to make those sounds, especially not when I've been working all day and am nearly asleep.
Health-wise I've been all weird. I've had the hayfever problem which means that I've been having to wear glasses at work, which makes me very unhappy indeed. Then my left leg's been occasionally going numb for some reason. Then yesterday, as I was eating my way through a Graze box (a good idea when you are so busy you don't have time to make yourself a lunch), my throat started swelling and closing up. This has never happened before (the offending item was either an almond or a pecan, both of which I've had before, many a time) and I'm a bit worried, although clearly I survived. I might have to get an allergy test or some such thing. It'd be nice if I could attribute my various health complaints (why yes I am 88) to the same thing and not just assume my body was imploding.
Been very busy at work too, so it's nice to slump on the bed with my cider, watching Question Time. I might have a nap later. Tomorrow I am to visit Epic Birthday Chloë (HI! BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT!) which will be NICE. Dylan will not come. He has already come to work to wish Chloë a happy birthday. He will update his blog.