WELL what a start to the week. Very BUSY today, I even stayed behind to catch up on the many, many things. Of course, stomach pains hit in the middle of all this, but 4 ibuprofens later and I'm as happy as a tiny moth next to a cake or something like that. And now I have Ben & Jerry's ice cream and it was only £1 (a small tub, but still), so it's all fine, just busy, very busy. Must emotionally detach.
Had a nice Saturday at the house of Epic Chloë. Windsor is very nice and I'm thinking of going there again next week after payday because I spotted a burger shop (WITH FOUR KINDS OF VEGETARIAN BURGER) next to a cake shop. On a slightly related note I spent most of yesterday feeling fat and unloved and a bit sorry for myself. I did not resolve this by going for a healthy fun (I took a walk, but not really for exercise). I ate chocolate-covered popcorn instead.
My little mother and sister, however, DID run, in the Race for Life, and came 55th and 56th out of like THREE THOUSAND because we've got some kind of running gene in the family (yes, even me, pre-cake. I'll have you know I represented the county in cross-country running and also I loved cross-country running as much as I hated netball, SO THERE). This is Good.
I'll be seeing a bit more of them during my epic summer holiday next month. It's not really epic, it's just a week, which will still be fun. Not far off now. I'd been toying with the idea of taking YET MORE TIME OFF FOR MY HOLIDAY, just because I have more holidays left over and you can only carry a certain amount over to next year. I got quite enthusiastic about the idea of finally going to Mongolia (I love the idea of going to Mongolia) but I looked up the flights and they are nearly £1000, and my budget is around a tenth of that. BUT NEVER MIND. One day I'll go to Mongolia. For the moment I'll consider Iceland.
(I got compensation from the railways and was also kept up till past 1am last night by Stupid Pub, but did not know how to make any of that fit in with the above so here, have some random facts)