Oh dear, I'd woken up today all bunged up and full of hayfever, as is my custom. Then I was all pleased because some hayfever medication popped through my door. No, it wasn't the residents of the village taking pity on me, having heard my constant sneezing. It was from my mum (well, the postman brought it. It would have been weird if my mum had brought it round personally as it would have been a 5 hour round trip, and that's assuming she got a lift by car rather than going by public transport, as she can't drive).

Anyway, this was all nice and the medication made me feel all soft and fluffy. I'd been planning to have a nice trip to Windsor once more, because last week when I was there I'd happened to notice a BURGER SHOP which sold 4 different kinds of veggie burgers. NOVELTY. But I thought that while I was going through Slough, I could buy my ticket for Epic Holiday next week.
OH WHAT A MESS. I asked for a ticket for next week and produced my rail compensation vouchers. The process was painstakingly slow and not helped by the fact that Linda, for that was this lady's name, stopped every five minutes to have a chat to the other people behind the counter. I was eyeing the clock in the knowledge that my train to Windsor was about to leave. It would all have been fine, but then I spotted that she'd sold me a ticket for today. I pointed this out and got 'Well you should have said, darlink. Now I've got to do it all again'. I insisted that I HAD said that and we had a little disagreement about what, exactly, I'd said. Failing to apologise for calling me a liar, she went through the whole process again, with her typing the barcode for every single voucher into the slowest computer in the world, and occasionally calling me darling. I know it's a little hypocritical of me to love being called 'love' in Sheffield but to hate the southern 'darling' counterpart, but it sounds patronising, and well, I'm bigoted.
Anyway, I got the ticket but missed the train. I got the next train into Windsor, but couldn't stay longer because I had to get the bus back from Slough, so I only had 50 minutes there in the end. I went to the burger shop, but the burger (I went for falafel) was disappointing and slightly burnt, and the coffee was awful. I was very irritable and murderous by this point. I hate confrontations like this one with Rude Train Lady. I stuck to my guns, which I probably wouldn't have done a couple of years ago (this job is making me ASSERTIVE) but still FUMED.

Well, that's today's rant over with. I had my penultimate Swedish lesson yesterday. I wasn't quite prepared for the feeling of genuine sorrow about this. It kind of feels like we've just got started. We can kind of have conversations with each other now- I mean, OK, we can't use the past tense at all, and we can only talk about very specific things like vegetables or free time, but it feels like I've got some foundations. Shaky foundations involving the frequent substitution of English, German and Dutch words, but foundations nonetheless. I think the course was worth the money, but I'm still really reluctant to do the 3.5 hour round-trip, sometimes two days in a row, again. I'm really not sure. I could keep going and do NINE MORE COURSES (and be very impoverished), and I don't have any other hobbies other than Facebook and…this, and I have really enjoyed it, and the class is nice and all at around the same level, and the teacher's really good too. BUT the faff, the terrible faff. I'm going to have to think about it. I mean, I could try and compromise and be all like 'o lolz I'll totes study it on my own' but I know I won't. I need to have an actual obligation in order to get off my backside.

What else have I to report? I'm looking forward to my week off. A WHOLE WEEK. I've not had a day off since my happy trip to Sweden back in February, and that was actually only 3 days off work. It'll be weird to have a week of not doing much, but weird in a good way, I think. And I STILL have days off after this because I lost track of time entirely between March and June and forgot I was allowed to have holidays, YAY.