This week so far I have mostly been superimposing my face onto Soviet propaganda posters.


I'm not too sure why.
I also made the fatal mistake of comparing rent prices (I KNOW I SHOULD NOT DO THIS AS IT JUST MAKES ME SAD) in the north and south. I'd quite like, theoretically, to move to Saltaire because of socialism and Yorkshireness. I looked at it on Google Street View. And look at the houses. TWO BEDROOMS for considerably less than I pay for my shack. I could have a SPARE ROOM. Or a GUEST ROOM, if you will. Somewhere to put Dylan
I started vaguely considering a distance learning course in Swedish to make up for my sorrow at Final Lesson. The snags so far are that a) I am rubbish at motivating myself to do stuff like this after work and b) they cost BILLIONS OF MONEY. But I've only looked at a couple Or I might try and develop a new hobby to fill the void in my life, like making paper aeroplanes to an obsessive degree, or photographing ducks.