Well, that's the holiday all over and done with! It was lovely, as predicted. I was quite busy in the first half, hopping between friends and grandparents like a women possessed. In the second half, I did nothing much, really. Which was also nice. I did indeed go to my favourite vegetarian cafe in Worcester, which was lovely. Went into town with my tiny tiny tiny tiny 17 year-old sister who is now in FRANCE for a month, despite her tender years.
I need to do this 'taking the days off work that you are allowed' thing more often. I feel almost sneaky for having a whole week off, but it is, in fact, allowed. It would be weird if it was not allowed.

I've been feeling a bit down, for no particular/special reason lately. No need to panic about it, I suppose, because I'm nowhere near as bad as a year ago, but I haven't felt like this in quite a few months. The insomnia had been getting better, but I think the anxiety's getting slightly worse, and with that, in my case anyway, comes a slightly detached feeling of sadness. I WILL LOOK AFTER MYSELF THOUGH. I know when to worry, and that's when I go off eating, which is my favourite thing to do. And I'm craving cakes bigtime.

So back to the usual routine, such as it is. It's weird- I'd never have guessed that I'd be doing something like this, this time last year. I'd been fully intending to return to Oldenburg and get the remaining 3/4 of my MA. It was still the right decision, what I did, but can't help wondering what'll be going on this time next year. I MUST HIRE A PSYCHIC.