Good things that happened today include:

1. I got 10 sponges (the sort you use to clean pots and pans) for £1. YES, JUST ONE POUND.

2. I'm currently eating this:

The Yorkshire puddings should've been giant ones. According to the packet, they were, but these are NOT giant. Also I did not cut the ends off the carrots. Also the sauce is a Stilton one. I am hiring myself out as a personal chef, but terms and conditions are attached,

3. I'm trying to keep Thursday as 'brush up on rudimentary Swedish' day, despite lessons being over. I'm watching Wallander (Swedish one because I'm not THAT lazy). But this is still quite lazy.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I've been undergoing minor sanity slippages* this week.

*it could be argued that I'm not sane a lot of the time, not just this week. This is a fair point.