I'm hoping the sanity slippage is just a passing thing…

I hate being sat at my desk and feeling so panicky that I get physical pain. I don't even know why, or what's wrong with me this week. And people (it seems like loads and loads of people but realistically, it's probably only 3 or 4) have said things like "Relax! It's the weekend now, you can unwind!" I'm not a complete idiot though, I know I need to relax. This would be a good thing to do. And I've got all the coping devices like yoga and breathing properly and whatever. Actually, I don't find them very useful. I find cycling (to and from work) pretty useful, although it's not like I'm really in a position to go and have a quick cycle in the middle of the working day. I dunno actually. Maybe something for lunchtimes? But anyway. I think it's just the way my brain's wired (by an extremely bad electrician). I can't do much to control the anxiety, any more than I can control having the flu. I just have to sit it out and hope it goes.
Oh, I don't know what's been wrong with me this week. I've been very, very angry at times, and completely apathetic at others, and just very sad at others. I might do quite a bit of cycling over the next few days (cyco-therapy, hahahaha), although I'm going to need to repair my front wheel brakes somehow.

In other news, I've bought a webcam, and have already tormented my tiny French sister on Skype. I've also bought a new landline phone with caller ID, which will hopefully screen out the terrifying cold callers. AND SOME FOOD PACKAGING CLIPS.