After my brief and harrowing trip to Insanity Junction the other week, I managed to take a more literal trip to Sheffield! Yes. I took the Megabus again. Getting in and out of London wasn't actually too traumatic. I suppose because I was in London at around 7am and then at 10.30pm, so I missed the busiest times. It was busier than it normally would have been, but I have various coping mechanisms to get through the 'Tube' (plan out journey very precisely beforehand, only try and remember the colours rather than names of the lines, and stay very, very calm and also very polite).
Anyway, we're here to talk about SHEFFIELD. I spent the day with that good Siobhan. We went to the Blue Moon Cafe and then to a nice pub near Kelham Island. I know it's not totally normal, but I love the area round Kelham Island. It's very industrial, yes, but I think it's quite nice. I used to go for walks there in final year.


We also went to the Moor, and I got annoyed because they've closed almost everything there down. I've also got a weird kind of affection for the Moor, although wouldn't necessarily want to be there after dark. Oh, and we visited Broomhall to take a look at our old house from second year- yes! The very house in which I started this world-famous blog.

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Got back to Meadowhall to try and catch my bus, with 2 minutes to spare (panicking on the tram, reassured by lovely and kind Sheffielders). Then there was no bus. Terrified I'd missed it, I hung around for a bit then asked the kind Information People. They had no idea where it had gone, so me and the other wannabe passengers just stood around. The bus turned up 45 minutes late, driven by an unapologetic Sheffielder. We took a break at a service station in Buckinghamshire, frustratingly enough, but I shouldn't really leap out over the motorway to avoid going back in, and then out of London. Anyway, we got back to London about an hour late, which was actually better than I'd expected. Got back to the house at just past midnight and went to bed nearly straightaway.
It was a really lovely day. There was me dreading the weekend and thinking I'd be spending yet another two days in my village desperately trying to think of something to do so I had an interesting conversation topic at work on Monday. I need to get myself out of the house and on exciting trips more often.