Friend Rose (BELATED BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT) texted me the other day. I got her text some days later. Because I check my phone but rarely. It was a somewhat cryptic text message, saying that she had left me a note in a book in THE HIVE.

I confess I'd had great scepticism about the Hive. It reminded me quite a bit of the Information Commons back at Shef Uni, which, as we all know, I hated (but not quite as much as Jez Wez). I was unsure about the idea of combining a public and a university library. As a student, I'd have become psychotic with rage if some member of the public had taken out a much-needed book on the history of the Luxembourgish language.
But realistically, most people don't do that, and lots of university books get hidden away, unused, for years and years. I think it's great that I can go to a library and get out a book on dialectology as well as a nice Bernard Cornwell book. I FEEL CONNECTED TO THE ACADEMIC WORLD ONCE MORE. And it's a lovely building too. Not so convinced about the exterior, but inside it's great.
I found Rose's note, which she had left, spy-fashion, in a Swedish grammar book. The thought of being a spy is especially appealing to me at the moment because I recently watched 'Carve Her Name With Pride'. I didn't expect to enjoy it, but somehow I did. I think I expected it to be way more sentimental than it was.
Overall a lovely trip to Worcester. They had a festival on, meaning there was a continental market, and for some reason, some Appalachian traditional dancers (who were really good). I got chatting to the friendly chipshop lady. Stupid, really, but little things like having a chat with the chipshop lady like I'm a normal member of society (and thereafter, eating the chips like a normal, chubby member of society) make me the happiest. I've never thought about moving to Worcester before- obviously I consider moving back to the general area on a nearly daily basis, but haven't really thought about Worcester itself. There are some nice flats right beside the Hive. Or I could live in the Hive.
Now I am having cider and it's not going so well, combined as it is with medication. I'm taking it very, very slowly but have managed a quarter of the bottle so far and am feeling quite drunk.