Yes. In a couple of weeks I shall be going back to Go Ape. It's for the birthday of one of my sisters, and I'm being the responsible adult. It's good having loads of younger siblings, especially when they're much younger, because you get to play around and pretend you're doing it for their benefit. It shall look like this:

I've drawn myself with my increasingly grumpy and insane woodlouse, Dylan.
I've even been thinking of taking some TIME OFF to make this into a long weekend but I've been too nervous to actually hand in the paper to book the time off. I've written it in pencil. I'm not sure why I get like this every time I book days off. I think I'm terrified of running out of days and worry that one day I'll suffer an existential crisis but won't be allowed a day off to overcome it because I've been off gallivanting.
Talking off which, I returned from home to Buckinghamshire. Not with great ease. They cancelled all my trains back. This was a problem, as the train I was going to get would've got me in fairly late anyway (10.30pm including the sorrowful 4 mile walk from the station…if anyone wants to donate to the 'get Katie a car and driving lessons fund', they are welcome so to do). LUCKILY I have a kind brother who, at very short notice, made the 5.5-hour round trip to drop his mental elder sister off. His reward will be in heaven, and also in the post.