White rabbit white rabbit white rabbit.
It's my first public post of the month so I thought I'd spread the good luck. Although I think it only works if you say it on the first of the month. But I did anyway, so I'm winning, I just didn't put it in a blog post.
Aside from being stung by nettles on my way back from work, I am having reasonable luck. The post office informs me that I shall have not one, but TWO parcels waiting for me on Saturday. They tried to deliver to my house, but it being 11am, I was out. I WONDER WHAT AWAITS ME?
Tomorrow Dylan and I are off to visit a shark in Windsor. I might also get to go PAINTBALLING at the end of the month. At the risk of sounding more like an elderly Yorkshirewoman than normal, I'm getting mesen out of the house. Having a nice long weekend the weekend after next after daringly booking time off to see my insane family. Tiny Niamh is 13. Tinier Cerys will soon be 11. How is this possible when in my mind, they are still babies? It's weird to think that I've got lots of friends who I've known for longer than these siblings. I am so old.
I still have 7 magical days I can book off work before the end of the year, which is a lot of days and beautifully reassuring. Next time, maybe I won't hoard them all to quite this extent. I've developed a bad habit of looking at houses that are better than mine online.
The only thing that makes me a bit sad is the lack of cider I'm allowed, especially as I discovered a nearby shop that sells Naked Apple Kopparberg, a particular favourite of mine. I've been looking everywhere for the non-alcoholic variants but even though I'm sure I couldn't move for them when I had no interest in buying them, they've now disappeared from ALL the shops.