Yes, the much-anticipated LONG WEEKEND has come. Or will be, after tomorrow. Apart from swinging through trees with only loads of safety equipment to protect me, I also plan to spend some VOUCHERS I got from work. If I'd have been given cash, I'd have found it easy to spend, for I love cake. But these vouchers force me to think outside my cakey box. When I got the Christmas vouchers, I went to Wilkinsons (took two trips, in fact- one back home, and one in Wycombe) and bought two bins, a toilet brush, some socks, some batteries, hair dye and a coffee pot and also sweets. This is excellent value for money. I might go again although I can't think of what to buy. I'd like to get home improvements of some kind so that my flat looks less like a nightmarish vision and more like a place I could invite people to without feeling utterly humiliated about my living circumstances, but I don't think these vouchers will provide the solution to all my problems. Might save them, actually, until I have a nicer flat. "Nicer flat" here means "Any other dwelling in the UK, more or less".


Also I made this thing. Actually that is a bit of a lie, because the above photo is a previous attempt at this recipe from several months ago, and I think I used feta instead of halloumi. This time I used halloumi, but was so caught up in the moment that I forgot to take a photo. OMG it was delicious. And very, very middle class. But also delicious. Although the ingredients were under £7 altogether, and much of that was the halloumi, and I got two meals out of it, so I reckon that's worth it.