YES. I took the train via Slough in the end. The advantages of this are that I do not have to change trains at ALL, whereas if I went the Chiltern route, it'd be 4 times. Disadvantage being that I cannot go via Slough on a typical weekend home, because indeed, I need to get the bus from Slough to my Buckinghamshire shack on my return, and said bus does not run on Sundays, thus risking the very real possibility of me having to stay in Slough overnight before restarting the working week. And nobody should have to go through that. But this time I shall be returning on a MONDAY. Thus bus.
The WORST bit of the journey was at Evesham (home of my Illustrious Nan), when several scantily-clad vodka-drinking teenagers got on the train, shouting "IS THIS THE QUAAART CARRIAGE?" By QUAAART they meant quiet, but they were not enunciating very clearly at all. Also I was reading a dialectology book at the tiime, so that it why I especially remembered their pronounciation. THEY DID NOT SHUT UP.
Oh, do not look at me like that, reader. "Ooooh Katie, you've done two paragraphs about train lines and their pros and cons, and also about some young people who annoyed you, is it possible that you are actually 88?" YES IT IS. It is my blog and I shall moan however much I wish.
Anyway, Go Ape-ing is tomorrow. Today I'm going to try and learn the second half of this so I've got something to put on my Other, Tin Whistling Blog. YOU ARE IN FOR SUCH A TREAT #lies.