My epic extended weekend seemed SUPER extended for some reason. I managed to fit a fair old bit in- went to a nice Italian cafe with my mum on Friday (my mum knows the owner because she knows EVERYONE in my town. She's quite a bit like the Godfather. Only the other day she said "A new family moved into town. They came to see me…", and before she could complete her sentence, she was drowned out by her mocking children asking if it was the day of her daughter's wedding, and whether she is now sleeping with the fishes). Did some tree-swinging on Saturday:


Observe my considerably more daring little sister ahead of me as I cower behind my camera. Nah, it wasn't too scary though. I'd done it before and am not that scared of heights. I might get to go PAINTBALLING later this month too, thus increasing my levels of physical activity to dangerous levels.
My nan popped round on Sunday, and then on Monday, I just mooched. Didn't have too much time for much else as I had to get my train at 3pm, and obviously, you need a long lie-in on your day off because that is the LAW.
It were reet nice. I should do this kind of thing more often. Now back to day-to-day reality, and there's a mild risk of homelessness. Well, there's not- it's all to do with renewing tenancy agreements and not wanting to be trapped but being put under pressure to make a decision SOON. It's all a bit over my head. I'm hoping my Wise Father will come up with a plan.