I know I bear a striking resemblance to a paramilitary, albeit one who's chosen a slightly brighter balaclava than most. My father rather cruelly said that I'd joined the paramilitary wing of the pie appreciation society, but he's an idiot for several reasons. Firstly, there are loads of pies I don't like. With cake, I'd say that I like the majority of cakes. Not big on fruitcakes, or coffee cake, strangely enough, but I love most cake. But I do NOT love most pies, because a lot of pies contain meat. Or rhubarb, which is awful.
Secondly, I was wearing quite bulky clothing to minimise pain. This was generally successful, although I kept getting hit on the wrist. Which hurts because my wrists do NOT have much of a protective layer of fat, unlike my buttocks, for example.
I'll stop blogging about my buttocks now. In short it was REALLY FUN even though I'm having genuine trouble walking today, simply from the horrendous level of physical exercise. I would really like to take this up as a hobby. I'm a bit concerned because I'd also like to take up archery again- an 8-year habit I kind of lost about 4 years ago, but I'm worried that taking up both will lead people to believe that I'm training to become an assassin. And I'm much too polite to be an assassin.
Not much else to report 'publicly', as 'twere. Change may or may not be on the horizon. Updates may or may not occur. I may or may not be about to feast on biscuits now.