There I was, walking through the fields. "O, it's nice that at least I live in the 'countryside', even though it's a bit of a fake countryside compared with the west West Midlands. This is quite pleasant. Look, I'm abiding by the countryside code and closing gates as I go". SUDDENLY:

Yes. A manic donkey charged at me, several times. At first, I did not panic or run, but walked briskly to the gate. I did not get there in time and the donkey caught up with me. I turned round and glared at it (don't look at me like that, I was running out of options), which seemed to do the trick. It went charging off in the opposite direction, but the minute my back was turned, it started again. This process repeated itself several times until I got to the gate and was able to photograph my nemesis. DO NOT MOCK! I am 158cm high (using imperial measurements, I believe that converts to 'very short') and thus the donkey was a worthy opponent. It's like what a horse would be to a person of average height, and thus was VERY SCARY.
So this was probably the most exciting point of my weekend. I went to Slough yesterday. It was awful, of course. It's really hard to plan my weekends far in advance at the moment, due to Mysterious Reasons (please see Secret Locked Posts for further details). I'd like to go home next weekend- to be honest I'd go home every weekend if I could, even if I was attacked by TEN donkeys- but CANNOT PLAN ANYTHING at the moment, which is a pain when your brain's wired like mine. Or weird like mine. Teehee.