I blog from my very cold bedroom at home, because my mum's still refusing to turn the heating on because it's 'only October 14th'. Sometimes there are disadvantages to having a northerner for a mother, although on the plus side, I have learnt to deflect anything remotely resembling sentimentality with humour, so it all balances out.
Iceblocks for hands aside, it's nice being at home, and being in a house where some of the rooms are bigger than my whole flat in Buckinghamshire. I've been sent to make tea for the clan as my mum wittily remarked that I would no longer be used to walking such long distances inside. O how I am mocked.
It was another pleasant weekend though. I'm always worried that it might not be worth coming back home just for the weekend, what with the EPIC JOURNEY each way, but it always is. Spent much of yesterday on the train with the smallest of my sisters (the only one of my siblings who's still shorter than me, but then, she has the excuse of being 11 years old), trying to overcome the various train cancellations in order to get her to a concert rehearsal over in Pershore. Then we had a nice lunch- me, my mum, two sisters and my nan- and I went back to Worcester and to THE HIVE. I'm now desperately trying to finish Conn Iggulden's (very good) book "The Conqueror" before I leave at 5pm, because I don't want to be lugging it back to Buckinghamshire with me, as I have the traditional 4 mile walk from my house to the station to be looking forward to. I'm about halfway through. 250ish more pages.
In further, equally groundbreaking news, I THINK I can drink cider again without any terrible results. Obviously I'm still a lightweight, but I'm at peace with that now.
I can't wait for my next visit home. Hopefully I can take a couple of days off to make it into a Long Weekend again. It would be Nice.