Yesterday I took an epic trip from London to Alnwick, and back, in one day, because I'm dangerously insane. A result of this is that I'm still so tired that I'm going to bed as soon as I've written this (and had my milk and biscuits, like).
ALAS I felt really ill when cycling to the station. Not nerves, but just dehydrated and a bit feverish. I thought I should carry on though, and bravely battled my way through London during rush hour. I'd reserved a window seat on the train from King's Cross, and as I went to it, there was a man sitting in the aisle seat. I said 'Excuse me, can I just get past?' Said man, intent on looking at photos on Facebook on his stupid iPad, gave no sign that he'd heard me. I politely asked again, so that the passengers standing behind me could be on their way, at which point he snapped 'YES! I'M JUST PACKING UP, THEN YOU CAN SIT DOWN'. Very rude.

Then he kept writing stuff on his stupid iPad and elbowed me every single time. I was still feeling a bit ill, despite pouring more coffee down my throat (I imagine that coffee cures most illnesses, at least in my case, as most of my organs are actually turning into coffee by now). I was worried that I was going to have to put up with him all the way to Alnmouth.
Luckily he was far too southern for that, and got off at Peterborough, to my joy. He was replaced by an elderly Yorkshireman, who, of course, did not talk to me. This was fine.
Anyway, it was all very nice when I finally got there. Everyone was very friendly. It just hadn't fully registered with me how very far away it all is. I guess it seems a good deal further because I went THERE AND BACK IN A DAY LIKE A MAD PERSON. The accent of the north-east, with the many tones, filled me with joy, but obviously there's no way to say that really without sounding patronising, even though I really mean it.
I hope I get to come back, whether to visit, or to perhaps stay a little longer. I only got a brief glimpse of the sea, because the fog barely lifted all day, but I know it's very nice up there. I have happy memories of visiting back in 2008, just before my year abroad:
I was like a zombie at work today. Well, I was OK until just after lunch, and then the tiredness hit me like a massive great tidal wave. WHOOSH. I am going to grab my biscuits and have a nap now.
(FUN FACT: George R. R Martin, author of the best books ever, actually based the wall in the north of Westeros on Hadrian's wall, so the title of this blog post is especially intelligent. I am so wise)