Malvern Link train station isn't really somewhere you'd associate with great sentimentality. That would be Great Malvern, the station at the much posher end of town:

Compare and contrast

But for me it's the Link, because that's where I always arrive at and leave from, and I was a bit sad when I left yesterday, although my sadness was tempered by VISITING EPIC CHLOË FOR NACHOS in the evening. I'd had a nice long weekend in which I saw epic Rose and Edward, then went over to my favourite cafe in Worcester, and then did very little. It was nice, and now I must start worrying about the house move.
I'm starting the new job in Alnwick on 3rd December. THIS IS VERY SOON. I'm moving out of my shack on 26th November, so fairly near the top of my list is 'find somewhere to live for that week', but I think I'm being assisted at work for that. It's very exciting, I'm just worried about The Unknown and having to establish a new routine. I've never moved away from somewhere as a Proper Adult before, and there are so many people to let know. Like, how do I move my repeat prescriptions? How am I going to move my BT deal when I don't as yet have a new address?
O it is fine, I have enough time to sort stuff. I had a chat with my mum about my deep concern that Alnwick's Really Far Away, and that my family will probably forget me and not love me any more or something. It's weird I'm worried about that, because last year I moved to GERMANY. I think it's because it's the only thing I'm worried about, so that's what I'm focusing on. WINNING AT LIFE.