I was overcome by FEAR at lunchtime today, and was being plagued by visions of me wandering the streets of Buckinghamshire (for my last week here, as I have to vacate my current hovel on 26th November) and Alnwick (before I find a new hovel brilliant mansion). Luckily, I have good colleagues who happen to be trained in the art of 'making Mad Katie a bit less horror-striken:1021_10100360501629252_1911443048_n
And not only that, good colleagues who are all like 'lol you can sleep in my house for that week, we do not consider you likely to murder us in your sleep'.
So it's fiiiine. My worrying's not over, obviously, not until I've been in Alnwick long enough to establish a Routine like what I've got here, which will probably take about 6 months. Talking of which, I've had the customary Friday pizza and cider (Magners Spiced Apple and Honey, in a surprising move away from ciders originating from Sweden). And talking of which, while I was in Budgens ( a 'southern supermarket'), I HEARD SOMEONE SPEAKING SWEDISH. She was in the cafe, on a laptop. I pretended to be reading magazines about the royal family in order to stalk her properly.
Tomorrow I'm off to That London, possibly for the last time as a Southern Resident, to meet with That Rich, who Dylan knows as 'German Literature Human'. I am confident in the ways of the South and shall guide him through the hordes of 'Oyster Cards' and jellied eels. Also he is from the north-east and shall train me to understand their ways.