I took what might be my last trip to London as a near-resident today. I know I don't KNOW for sure that I'll never live near London again, but I do know I'll try and avoid it. Not that I totally hate it- I have almost affectionate feelings towards the East End, but I'm never going to be able to fit in in That London. Perhaps it's my habit of constantly referring to it as 'That London'. Or that I can't tolerate the 'Tube' for more than 20 minutes, or my inability to understand what an Oyster card actually IS despite it having been carefully explained to me a number of times.
Moaning aside, I had a nice day with That Rich. We went to a SOCIALIST BOOKSHOP and then a LANGUAGES BOOKSHOP and then to a DUTCH PUB. He taught me some of the words from the north-east. I am prepared. Well, kind of. I'm actually still quite worried because I only have two more weekends here and I have to clean my flat and pack and EVERYTHING and it's not enough time and also next Saturday I want to go to Bicester like I've been meaning to for ages because I sort of grew up there for a bit and I'd like to see it again for nostalgia but if I do it there will be less time but then again it will only take a few hours and my flat's not that big oh dear please advise.
My village was reet busy on the way back- a MASSIVE queue up the hill, made up of people who kept stepping directly in front of my bike as I rode it down said hill. Still,I got a nice set of photos of the fireworks:

Also in London I shall miss the small collection of Swedish shops I found. I mean, I know they deliver, and I shall be making use of their services so I can be supplied with dill chips, but where else can I go into a shop and be both terrified (because I fail) and delighted (because I win) that they're speaking such a cool language to me? I mean, I know all Northumbrians are actually Vikings and this is a true fact, but it's not the same.
That is all. Not quite all. I did this. Do not judge me.