Nothing interesting happened today, but over the weekend I became aware of the popular website 'Memrise'. It's interesting to me because one of the main things about it is LEARNING LANGUAGES, but you can learn other stuff too, if you're a freak to whom the idea of learning things like the Finnish words for various animals does not appeal.
This article explains the concept of the site and what it does to your brain way better than I could. I shall simply share some pictures of the fun I had:

Overall it's what I'd call well good. It's like a much more advanced (and fun) way of my method of learning vocab lists, which was to write them out, and then write them out again and again, excluding the ones I got right each time until the list was whittled down to NOTHING. I've found that it pretty much sticks in my mind, partly because of the amusing imagery. Lol atTACK.
A minor point is that I think it's better for learning languages totally from scratch- from my lofty position as someone who once took a basic Swedish course several months ago, I got a bit impatient when being tested on words that I ALREADY QUITE CLEARLY KNEW, but there's no way the site can know that, really, so my criticism is quite unfair. I'm also not sure how the grammar aspect is going to work. I tend to be sceptical about language courses that don't place much emphasis on grammar, largely because I heart grammar.
But it's kind of renewed my flagging ability to keep up my Swedish. I was doing terribly at it over the last few months, after my classes stopped. I started off doing a couple of hours a week, then that turned into 'well I'll just watch Wallander, maybe I'll pick up some words' and then 'I'd rather watch Corrie, actually, maybe there shall be a Swede in Weatherfield'. But with the aid of Memrise, I shall do better. That's if I don't get tempted away by beautiful Finnish.