WELL. Today I've had a fairly productive day, for I had my first day of work, and also I found a house. But let's rewind a bit. I got to Alnwick on Saturday and fitted in a few house viewings about an hour after I arrived. I was overcome with gloom, though, because the one I really wanted had already been taken. Like, I know it wouldn't have been perfect and it would have been a pain to heat and furnish and everything, but I REALLY liked it. Anyway, I saw a couple of others and they filled me with misery, because they really weren't good.
So I was a bit despondent on Saturday, but cheered up a bit when I went exploring on Sunday. And today, I arranged a viewing and said I'd take the flat! It's really small, almost comically small, but it's on two stories, and crucially, it's hyper-fully furnished. Like it's got bedding and towells and everything. And I'm only locked into a 6-month contract, after which I can go over to a rolling one, or I can get another 6 months. But it's exactly what I'm after at the moment- just somewhere to start off with, before my glittering success in Alnwick begins.
The next step is to give them a ring tomorrow morning and transfer money for a credit check and so on. Hopefully it'll be before next weekend that I can move in.
First day of work was fine. I didn't feel TOO much like the new kid, and I think later on I'll get to proofread a text that involves a nacho recipe, which is excellent. Also, I believe that the company does quite a few nautical translations, which makes me super-happy, because I said even before knowing that they did that that I'd like to specialise possibly in something nautical due to my strange and freakish love of submarines (also other nautical things, but mostly submarines). So when I become Super Translator, I'll specialise. It will be good.
The only think raining on my parade a bit is that Former Letting Agent of Woe wants £94 off me for cleaning the flat, and £90 for the check-out. I used to BE a cleaner, and I know how much these things cost, and also that Former Shack was the size of most people's living rooms, AND that I left it CLEAN. I'm asking her for a breakdown of costs, because it'll be interesting to see how that's justified. I'm wondering about just getting my dad (who knows of All Things Legal) to deal with her directly, but it might not be that mature.
So I've just got credit checks to sort, then hopefully I'll be good to move in. Internet will be dongle-based (lolz) for a while, until I can sort BT out, but this can wait. I am a happy Stroopwafelface overall.