I am now the proud tenant of a two-up-two-down in Alnwick. Not necessarily what everyone aspires to in life, but it feels pretty good to me. I signed the contract this evening and moved in straightaway. Things finally started to move a bit quicker once I'd handed over my hard-earned wealth.
I'm really happy with it (and happy in general-I can't really remember feeling so content at any other point during my adult life, but that's soppy, so just as well I didn't say it). I'm sat in my living room, lolz. This is a novelty. I can have people over to the house without feeling ashamed of it. I'm making plans to buy a teatowel with Northumbrian dialect phrases on it. I have many things to do such as register with a GP and the library and contact BT and the lekky people and the water people, but I've made myself some lists. My handwriting makes the list look like the list of a crazy person, but it's a perfectly sensible list.
Pictures might follow. I'm glad I moved to Alnwick. I guess it could always still go wrong (I need to consider this possibility because of the psychological defects) but it's all working out well at the moment. I like the people here, and my job, and my house. The chapter of my life entitled 'The Land Beyond the Wall' has started off well.