My day was made today when I got Nice and Friendly feedback on my translations so far. I say it made my day, it probably made my month. I've been doing a couple of 'challenging' translations- a massive German finance document and a couple of Dutch menus with loads of untranslatable regional dishes. I'm now sick of reading menus, which is sad because that's one of my hobbies, because I'm made of greed. But yeah, it's a massive self-esteem boost. I don't think I really had any self-esteem left after being a project manager- either because I wasn't that good at it, or because positive feedback wasn't really a thing there, or a combination of the two. The feeling that actually, I can do some things and I'm not an actual waste of skin, is a nice feeling.
I went to my new doctor this morning to reassess relative insanity levels. I'm still as mad as a bucket of frogs for the time being. I didn't like this doctor quite as much as my old one, although I don't have a proper reason for thinking that. Apart from all this, I've been struck by a dose of Womanflu for the last couple of days. I shouldn't really have been at work, but I'm terribly hardcore. Or just British and worried about causing people trouble due to circumstances beyond my control. Anyway, although I'm still sniffley and croaky, my head now longer feels like it's inhabited by marauding Danes, so I think I'm recovering.
Off home on Friday evening. I think the journey will take five hours. Home doesn't seem as horribly faraway as I'd feared. I'll have quite a while to see people, I think. Off to Lancashire on the Sunday to visit Giant Lancastrian family. I think they will tell me off for moving north, but not moving to their bit of the north. But I finally beat them in terms of northerness, so I will survive. Also there will hopefully be merriment in Hereford, the social hub of the universe. YAY. I'm glad things seem to be sorted re. house and job and everything. The Great Move Northwards seems to have gone smoothly, for which I am thankful.