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I have returned home for Christmas, gaudete. The journey wasn't too bad, actually, despite my panic at Newcastle because I only had 6 minutes to change and had to dash around the station, flinging Geordies aside left, right and centre. I like the fact that the bulk of the train journey involves no changing, so I can curl up with a book and actually get some reading done.
Anyway, it's Christmas and I'm rambling about trains (also they're hopefully opening a section of track between Alnwick and Alnmouth soon, which is really exciting, and I am going to sponsor a sleeper). I went to see the Hobbit on Saturday, to the amusement of all (it's a running joke among my friends and family that I'm a hobbit due to my small height. Not my hairy feet though). I enjoyed it, largely because a couple of the dwarves were HAWT. My sister shared this charming card on my Facebook wall. I've rung BT up twice trying to arrange my home move, and must ring them yet again on 27th. I must go to town soon because my brother's pressie has not been delivered in time for Christmas. All is well.
I shall probably post again before tomorrow, because I have Free Time now, but just in case I don't: MERRY CHRISTMAS FAITHFUL BLOG-READERS!