We got our holiday cards at work, so obviously this immediately triggered 'O LOL I MUST PLAN THE ENTIRE YEAR IN MY MIND'. I wish to book the following:
– a few days in mid-March to view a Dubliners concert. It's not actually the Dubliners, because they're stopped performing after 50 years (yes, longer than my parents have been alive), but it's several of the Dubliners performing under a different name. Alas, they are coming to my home town on a Wednesday, which is an awkward day.
-the week between Easter and my birthday, because otherwise I'd be going back home for Easter, zoooom, then back up, then back home again for my birthday, zoooom. I guess I could spend one or both of these occasions up here, but if I go home, I'm hoping I'll get more pressies.
-a week in early May to return to SWEDEN with potential to go to DENMARK, to see some of my very favourite humans. EXCITING. I must 'revise my Swedish', by which I mean 'look over the list of words of vegetables I once learnt'.
-aaaaaand Christmas, although I'm holding off asking to book it partly because it makes me look madly overprepared because IT IS EARLY JANUARY, and partly because I'm worried it'd cause colleagues to not be allowed Christmas off, which wouldn't be fair given that I had a nice long break this time.
Of course, my own over-preparedness is worrying me too, because my brain thinks 'What if I run out of holidays and need many days off if there's a Viking invasion/my house gets filled with jelly/I go mad and wear socks on my ears'? But nevermind, I'm sure there's provision made for all these eventualities in my contract.
Other than that, I've become obsessed with Borgen (Danish political drama, and stop looking at me like that, it's really good and exciting). I've watched so much of it that when I switched on the TV to watch the Simpsons when I got back today, I started looking for the subtitles.
My interior design obsession has abated only slightly. I now want a bookcase, but am going to have to rein in my spending a bit, although I am quite good at bargain hunting. But would getting a bookcase make me a Real Person? I have a horrible feeling that it might.