It's obviously snowing up here in Alnwick

It is hard to translate when your hands are made of sticks. I'm pretty sick of it now, as one might expect. Nevertheless, I'm planning all sorts of adventures from my hermitage. Not only have we got the home-holiday in April and the EPIC SWEDEN AND DENMARK (NOW INCLUDING BORNHOLM!!) trip in May, but I'm hoping to pop home to Malvern in March to see the Dubliners, and then in July for my parents 50th birthday 'celebrations'. More excitingly still, I'm strongly considering buying, and then constructing, a bookcase from Ikea. All this excitement has to wait till next month however, as I'm fairly short on cash until next payday (only because of the deposit on the flat this month. Other months should be fine. Stop fretting, mother). But I can still plan it all and write in in my New 2013 Diary. I have written the phone numbers of almost everyone I know, in case I am ever stuck somewhere and have lost my phone on which all these numbers are stored, and have to call for help using a payphone.
On an entirely different note, I need a hobby, especially since I've now run out of Borgen and thus, all Scandinavian TV. There's a chance I'll be taking up archery once again, which'd be good, as I did it for around 10 years (albeit without gaining much skill along the way). I'm also considering taking up climbing, which I've wanted to do ever since the school trip to Llanrug, where it transpired that despite my lack of height, I was OK at climbing. And finally, I need a good excuse to wear my new dress. Sadly, it's more like wellies weather at the moment.