My joy at being allowed to leave Thoffice an hour early was marred by:
a) the fact that I had to take my work back to my deskless house. I could've constructed the dining table, I suppose, but I was too lazy.
b) the fact that I had to battle through a BLIZZARD like a very un-stoic babushka (I arranged my scarf over my head as I lack both hood and hat).
Snow is even more terrifying when you're a hobbit:
Because the snow is nearly as tall as you are.
To add to my general grumpiness, I've been having EPIC BACK PAINS down the left side of…my back. I did not construct that sentence well. Anyway, it's been causing me agoniez for the last week, so obviously rather than go to a doctor, I've tried doing some yoga:
I think my back muscles, what's left of them, are all weak because I've been sat at a desk for like, a year. I'm hoping the yoga will help- if not, I'll trot off to the doctor who will be all like 'lol your fault, office-worker'. The weather's very motivation-sapping. I was going to do stuff this weekend (well, I was going to buy a bookcase, which constitutes wild excitement in my world). Instead, I looked outside and was all like 'Naaaah. Computer games and cake plz thnx'. So now I keep getting wedged in my door every time I try and leave the house because of my cake-shelf.
Anyway, I'm hoping that my trainers shall dry and that the snow shall melt and that my back stops protesting every time I move it and/or breathe. I've finished the work I took home with me and am looking forward to my dinner. I'm also looking forward to the end of the month when I'm paid, so I can book FLIGHTS TO SWEDEN. YAAAAAY.