The high point of my week was probably the revelation of Command Strips, which allow me to put up pictures in my rented house without hammering nails through the wall, invoking the wrath of my landlady. I put up my new seascape picture and a couple of hooks, so that I'll no longer be chucking my coat wantonly on the floor when I traipse in from work. I am going to see if I can find any more pictures in the charity shops this weekend. I'm also considering investing in velcro strips to attach my throw to the settee, because it keeps falling off.
I cannot explain how good it is that for the moment, my biggest concern is the fact that my throw occasionally falls off my settee. Obviously I wouldn't like this to remain my biggest concern for the rest of my life- smooth seas never made a skilled sailor, and all that- but for now, and after all the mad stress and lunacy of the past 12 months or so, I'm revelling in my own mediocrity. I'm working on distinguishing between a Geordie accent and an Alnwick one, and I think I'm pretty much there, although as a southerner, I have much work to do. I used the plural 'you' today, though, which I think is progress.
I'm spending my Friday evening doing long-term financial planning, because obviously my obsession with Command Strips wasn't enough to terrify myself into believing I'm an adult now. It'll be a while till I can afford to go back to university and study dialectology, aka, The Dream. I am constantly shocked at how I have yet to make my fortune in the translation industry, like all those other millionaire translators. Another part of The Dream involves perhaps moving to Wales one day, because I was reminded of the great beauty of (parts of) Wales as I obsessively explored the world using Google Street View. I even have an album of Interesting Things I've Found Using Google Street View, but I'll only show people if I REALLY want to bore them.
Now I am going to gaze at my boiler with great suspicion, because it keeps breaking and I must reset it, which does not bode well given the massive quantities of snow in the outside world.