MY what a busy day I've had. Not even being sarcastic, although you'd be forgiven for thinking I was as I normally spend my Saturdays in bed/avoiding humanity. I couldn't avoid humanity today though, because my dad (aka Very First Houseguest In Alnwick) was here. He'd very kindly made the 600-odd mile round trip to bring me all the random stuff that I own, as well as a few things my mother made him bring (SHE HAS SENT ME MICROWAVABLE SLIPPERS. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I WANT). As he's a Car Driver, I also took the opportunity to make him come with me when I bought my excellent bookcase.
Said bookcase is still standing. I put it up all by myself. Sadly, I don't have a photo of the fruit of my labours, because my memory card seems to have snapped in two, which is frustrating. But you can imagine the feeling of great pride I've gained from buying, and constructing, my first piece of furniture. I spent the first part of the day, after my father had merrily drove away, unpacking ALL THE THINGS and trying to figure out how to fit things like my popcorn maker into the kitchen:

I decorated the rest of the kitchen with my Dutch propaganda posters:
And am also on the hunt for a picture frame large enough for the MAP I bought from 1902 which is REALLY COOL. At the risk of sounding like an awful materialist, it's nice to have my stuff with me. I was happy with my house before, but now it's more personalised and Katiefied.
My health remains totally fine after all the drama of yesterday, although my upper arms ache. I really think she did the blood pressure test wrong/kept it squeezed for too long. Is that even possible? Oh well. I am thankful that there's seemingly nowt wrong with me.
I'm now tucking in to a filo pastry, spinach and feta pie I constructed, based on a recipe sent me. I must steal recipes from her more often because it is DELICIOUS. Again, no pictures (but it's real, I promise!), but here are some pictures of what mine looks a bit like.
I have not stopped all day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll stay in my pyjamas and play computer games.