I am all grumpy because of a certain telecom company from Britain. They were to install a phoneline in my new house today (after I booked in DECEMBER) and I was all nervous about whether they would come to my house without me being in said house. I did a 'livechat' a few weeks back (which I screencapped) with one of their employees who was all like 'o lol it will be fine, plz to just leave key, kthnxbai'. IT WAS NOT FINE. Engineer would not go into house because of the risk of me accusing him of having nicked stuff (for my house is laden with jewels and gold).
Now I know not when I'll get Proper Internet. Not totally the end of the world because I can log in to one of their hotspots (I don't know how it all works), but I can have no phoneline, and for some reason the hotspot doesn't appear until about 1pm each day. I've made a complaint, to which they've tried to respond by calling me at work, but I want an answer from them in writing. Also, I hate getting called at work even more than I hate phonecalls in general. Grump grump grump.