I was so sad that I couldn't display this aspect of my life on the internet- namely the creation of a spinach and feta filo pastry last week, from a recipe kindly shared by , that I thought there was only one thing for it- yes. I'd have to make the pie again:

There was also the fact that I still had all the ingredients from last week, bar the feta, and my kitchen's not really big enough to have ingredients sat around for weeks, looking at me.
IT WAS DELICIOUS. I ate it with the highly traditional Greek chunky chips, and some cider. I'm such a party animal.
I've completed my tasks for the weekend, anyway- picking up me prescription, dying hair (as always, I'm not convinced about how it looks), sending letter to the Dispute-y Letting Agent People, cleaning, and cooking. I can now focus on the important things:
Obviously I love llamas, and a cheaper alternative to buying a house for the purposes of owning a pet may be to ADOPT A LLAMA. I am looking for llama sanctuaries near Alnwick, because if I make a commitment of this nature, I'd want to visit the llama. I would go and see it after work, and bring treats for it. We would chat away together. On reflection, I could adopt a ferret, because it wouldn't technically be me feeding it (thus avoiding the meat/morality problem), but then again, you can't go ferret-trekking. That's because it's not a real thing. You can go llama-trekking though, I would trek with my llama most weekends.
Do get in touch, if you know of any llamas that I could easily reach from my house in Alnwick. Also I would have a framed photo of the llama on my desk at work, replacing the pictures of my family.