In order to understand the tragic events that started my day, you must recollect that several weeks ago, I purchased a map from 1902. It's of the Atlantic Ocean, and best of all, it has markings on it from WW2 that mark the sinking of a u-boat (U-666). OBVIOUSLY THIS IS COOL, and I managed to order a frame for it online. This arrived yesterday in a giant box. Luckily, I have colleagues kind enough to put stupidly-sized frames into their cars and not let me comically walk down the hill in the snow with a frame bigger than I am. I put the frame up last night. I was really happy. I put photos of it on Facebook and everything:


Then this happened (note: in order to understand the following, it is necessary to note that I share my bed not with a 'gorgeous hunk', as you may expect, but with a cuddly/grumpy woodlouse from IKEA):




The frame smashed into millions of tiny pieces, and it was all my fault for not putting it up properly. Now I must locate a new, better frame. Also I could not get back to sleep, for the seagulls start up at about 5.30am.
I am almost over it, though. I had a nice day after all. Me and a couple of the other lads from work (I have become a laddish lad during my time in Alnwick) went to watch Roman Holiday. Not the sort of film I'd normally have gone for, with my love of horror/pretentious subtitled pessimistic films, but I actually well enjoyed it. And the Ancient Map remained unharmed by the catastrophe, which is just as well. I'd hate to think I'd destroyed it after it survived two world wars.