…translating texts about fashion. I've done an awful lot of fashion texts lately, which is supremely amusing if you've ever met me, because I look like this:

I've long since given up on arranging my hair into any kind of order. It often gets compliments for being long, but it's only long because I have no idea what to do with it and secretly think it would be better if nobody had hair because it'd make life simpler. I wear jeans and my father's jumpers to work. Although I recently had a dream that I'd decided to become a goth, and spent ages looking for various goth accessories (like a tiny top hat with a black veil-is that even a real thing?) in various shops in Worcester. I wasn't even a proper goth when I went through my 'goth phase', though. I'm rubbish with fashion. I know it exists, but (to paraphrase David Mitchell) I just wish it'd stop.
Translating fashion is quite fun though, because you get to be a bit creative and use words like serendipitous (I hate that word, but I think it was a good one to choose in context). One day, though, I'll finally get to translate maritime stuff, meaning it won't be odd for me to wear fisherman's jumpers* to work.
*my dad's not a fisherman. I also wear fisherman's jumpers.