After I returned to my little house after work, my stomach made the WEIRDEST sound. It's kind of like the sound an older computer makes when turning on. WHOOOOOOOSH. I found this hilarious, and started laughing hysterically.

Then I realised I was alone in my house, laughing at my own stomach, which made me laugh more. Then I banged my head on my wall because I'd thrown said head back to laugh. Then I considered that it's a good thing, in many ways, that I live alone, because I'm an absolute nutjob. Then I found my favourite film ever, The Room, on YouTube. And I can't stop laughing.
I should hopefully be starting bouldering tomorrow, yay! I may yet chicken out. I hope I don't because I've not been enthusiastic about starting a sport-like hobby since I was about 8, and I'd like to harness this enthusiasm if at all possible.