I had a more eventful weekend than I'd expected, after having planned basically nothing. Went to see that film Lincoln on Saturday, and went cycling in Kielder forest yesterday. Alas, my phone's developed the habit of not receiving text messages, so I didn't know I was cycling in Kielder forest until my unfortunate colleagues knocked on my door at noon, greeted by the sight of me in my (owl-patterned) pyjamas, blinking at them in a confused, decaffeinated manner. Luckily, we all got over the trauma of that after I got my act together, had some coffee, and got dressed, and we proceeded to the very beautiful Kielder forest. I only got one photo, and it makes Kielder look really miserable, but here's a better one I stole:

It reminded me a lot of Beloved Sweden. It was well nice. Alas, my cycling skills (such as they were) had diminished, leaving me entirely incapable of managing hills. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth (on my part). I was really glad I went, though, and should like to return. It's quite new to me for such a large area of England to be so sparsely populated. I'd seen it in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Sweden before, but never in England. I mean, it was big enough to get lost in. Also it's supposed to be haunted, but the only ghostly wailings I heard were my own, as I dragged my bike and carcass up yet another hill.
There's well loads of Northumberland to explore. I think I'll stick around for a while longer.