ZOMG how I was on fire today, translating 2800 words* between 11am and 5pm. Of course, I will come in tomorrow morning and realise that I've only typed stream of consciousness rubbish that bears no resemblance to what the Dutch says but reveals a surprising amount about my psychological state. And then will have to start the whole thing again, but the burden of the translator is to balance insanity and fast typing speeds.
It's amazing how fast March has appeared, and after dreaming that my 3 day holiday was creeping up on me, it did EXACTLY THAT in reality. I'd forgotten I was off to see the Dubliners next week. HURRAH, for seeing the Dubliners is one of the things I love to do most in the world.
My mum's asked me what I want for my birthday. She frequently mocks me for writing Christmas letters still ("Ooooh, Katie, you're nearly 25, please turn into a proper person"), but concedes that a list is helpful for buying presents for your freakishly insane eldest child. I have made an illustrated list:
Maybe? I'm thinking if I don't get forced into driving lessons by somebody else, I'll never get round to it, because I keep spending my own money on fripperies.
Fripperies like SEAGLASS JEWELLERY! It is pretty and worthless, much like me.
I want a plush cuddly tardigrade, roughly half my size. Dylan's going to get really jealous though.
Still sold out, but available from eBay. Lamps with which to adorn my house!
Do I want this dress? I think so. I like dresses.
Model ship of some kind, to adorn said house.

These are all totally normal things. Also I'd like loads of books about dialectology, but the bookcase I recently bought (AND CONSTRUCTED, FOR I AM A PROPER PERSON NOW) is pretty much full of books that I never get round to reading because I'm busy whittering away on social media.
This blog post was more or less entirely in lieu of emailing my parents a list of birthday ideas, and instead I have decided to SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD. I AM A FOOL.

*this is many