Today I have been doing this:

After deciding to dedicate my weekend to watching Game of Thrones, again. It doesn't take quite as long as reading all the books again, but I'm saving that for when I need an excuse to avoid (non-Westerosi) society for months, not just a weekend. My neighbours have also lent me 'The Walking Dead' in DVD, which I must get round to watching at some point before I forget that it doesn't belong to me and never return it, which is an irrational fear I get whenever I borrow anything from anyone (bar books from the library), even though it has NEVER HAPPENED.
In fairness I am not TOO lazy, because I did a merry two hours of cleaning today (was frantically cleaning the windows when my neighbour appeared, concerned). This leaves tomorrow for me to plan out my journey down to King's Landing, I mean, home, on Tuesday (I am having some trouble distinguishing the reality in Game of Thrones from real reality. Stupid real reality). I shall take my direwolf for protection.