I am so good at bouldering now that this is an accurate picture of what it looks like when I boulder:

This is a lie. I cannot even do the slanty bits yet, but have decided that if I keep going for many weeks, I'll soon be wonderful at it. And thus I shall be transformed into a brilliant spy.
I can't seem to fit everything I want to do into one day. It's weird having an awake brain that makes me want to do stuff instead of forcing me to stare at a wall for several hours in a scared and sorrowful manner. I've got plans and stuff I want to do and everything, from getting a mortgage (unlikely for a few years) to learning to drive (more likely) to learning Morse code (might give that a shot tomorrow) and reading my new fantastic sailor's book from 1943. As far as the driving goes, this could be something that starts as early as next month, depending on how quickly I get my act together. It'd be good to have a bit more independence, as I was reflecting at the bus stop at 10pm on Sunday night where I waited for nearly an hour in the cold and rain, because the local council's 'Bus Meets Train' scheme is somewhat flawed. If anything happened at home, as is my constant fear, I could just drive off and get there quickly. On the other hand, there's something a bit terrifying about me being in charge of a vehicle. I LACK BASIC INTELLIGENCE.
It is weird that I'll be home again in a couple of weeks. I almost wish it was a bit further away so I could appreciate the holiday a bit more, but still, a holiday's a holiday and I shall not complain. Especially because it's really not long now till EPIC SWEDEN HOLIDAY. The anxiety dreams about getting told off for not speaking Swedish have already started. YAAAAAY CANNOT WAIT.