The best bit about a new bookcase is FILLING IT WITH BOOKS. I'm off home tomorrow with a more or less empty suitcase, and will return to Alnwick in a week with some of the 500 (actually 500) books that I've been using as an emotional crutch for the past 25 years, as I intend to for the next 25 years. I'm not sure which shelf shall be the u-boat shelf and which shall be the ridiculous languages shelf, but I'll work it out somehow.
It feels a bit too soon to be having a holiday at home, as it's under two weeks since I was last in the Midlands. In many ways I'd prefer to spend the Easter weekend frantically buying more and more books and chillaxing up here than on a train down south, but there we go. I'll miss the accent when I go back down. I've started thinking that the word 'like' is an appropriate one to use to end a sentence, and my irrational hatred of Sunderland grows by the day (that was a joke). But I still have many plans for my time at home. I'll be visiting Wales for the first time in a couple of years (maybe?) to visit DeskFriendTwoDots, which I am mightily looking forward to. Might go to the Hive in Worcester once more, etc. Anything to forget the fact that I reach my Quarter Century the Sunday after next, despite the fact that I'm still not a real person. Even though I have a pension scheme.