I've finally ticked off everything on my 'what to do when I'm home for a week' list, after taking a walk on the hills, despite the snow and mud and wind:

Yesterday I ventured into Ledbury to 'check out' a Scandinavian interior design shop, to prepare myself for Epic Tour of Scandinavia next month. The shop was full of interesting, yet expensive things. I spent so long browsing that I didn't feel justified in leaving without buying anything, so departed complete with some soap made of eggwhites that is apparently beloved of Swedish housewives. I have ever longed to be a Swedish housewife so have been applying the soap to my hideous face. I'm not sure if it's doing anything to my face, but it does smell very nice, at least.
I didn't get to go to Lancashire to see the grandparents this time, but I still have quite a few days left of holiday this year, so I should be able to make it over at some point. I have, in view of my impending age, been considering finally learning to drive. I've said this before, I know, but I've got further than ever because I've started looking up the various kinds of cars online and trying to figure out what I want. Luckily, literally everyone who's ever been born knows more about cars than I do, yes, including the Anglo-Saxons and Victorians and Celts, so I've got plenty of people to tell me what to do. I want something pretty small, because I don't want to give people lifts very much because I think that would make me very nervous, and also because I'm young, free, and very single, so don't need too many of those seats they've got now. On the other hand, car must be able to withstand long journeys from Alnwick to the West Midlands.
Obviously I have to learn to drive before getting a car, so I'm thinking well in advance, but I'm starting my research now to make up for my years of complete apathy towards cars. It'd be good to know how to drive, as it'd knock a couple of hours off the journey home, making weekend visits possible, and I could drive round Northumberland and see a bit more of it, which would be very nice.
My parents showed me video footage of my very first birthday today, o how we laughed. I was a very chubby baby.
My youthful-looking parents were MY AGE ARGHRGHRGHRGHRGH. Although neither of THEM could drive when I was born, and they were proper people. A highlight of the video was my mum unwrapping a new dress and presenting it to me, and I then sneezed all over it. I hated dresses right up until the age of twenty, when something flipped in my mind.
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