My fragile sanity and I decided to take a walk from Alnwick to Alnmouth, it being a Sunday and all, and after having spent a tedious Saturday dying our hair and madly cleaning. Kind colleagues had previous indicated to me the Epic Walking Route, and after studying Google Maps for a stupid amount of time, I felt confident enough that I'd remember where I was going and not get lost. I didn't get lost, YAY. Or shouted at by Northumbrian farmers. It was a very pleasant walk, involving a viaduct:

And finally, a very windy beach:
I can report that Alnmouth is very pleasant and even a bit posh, although maybe that was just how it seemed to me. I'm now covered in sand and seawater, and my hair's doing its own thing to an even greater extent than normal (it's also a lot more brown and a lot less red than I wanted it to be, but I'm never happy when I've dyed my hair). I didn't realise how tired I was till I sat down to wait for the bus back (I wasn't going to walk back. I'm not magic), and tried to get up again. I'm now collapsed in a fairly amiable heap on my settee, and might watch the rest of Coal House at War, or something.
In other news, I've got an Unwhim. It's called an unwhim because it sound like one of my crazy schemes, but it's an actual idea that I'm hoping will take shape. I want to volunteer for the RNLI, ideally as a crew member. There are many barriers to this ambition so far. I'm only 4 miles from the coast, but currently do not have my own means of transport. But this could change within the next year, if I'm successful in learning to drive.There's also a couple of potential medical issues- as we know, I'm currently undergoing treatment for being A Mental, so would have to get a bit better, and also my eyesight might not be good enough (I'm not clear on whether you're allowed to do the eye tests with visual aids). So it all seems a bit far off at the moment, but it's something to strive towards, and I'm hoping that this time next year, I'll be in a position to apply. I'm motivated by a fairly clichéd but no less worthwhile notion of 'giving back to the community', because I feel I could do a lot more than what I'm doing now. We'll see. It might be that they do not want a three-quarter sized female on their lifeboats (WHAT IF 5FT 2 IS TOO SMALL??) in which case, I shall strive towards something else.