My 'explore Northumberland' campaign is coming along nicely. Yesterday we went to a FOLK EVENING in Alnwick, which never fails to make me happy. One day, if I'm a) very well-behaved b) much-improved at playing the tin whistle and c) still in Northumberland, I hope to join in with some of the cool folk people. Not that the words 'cool' and 'folk' often go together, mind. It was a pleasant evening, sullied only by an unwelcome visitor to my house, when I returned, in the form of a MASSIVE MILLIPEDE. Due to artificially enhanced levels of serotonin in my brain, I couldn't feel scared of it as such, but I knew, logically speaking, that something with that many legs should not set foot/feet in my house, so tried to tempt it out by keeping all the lights on. It took the hint and went away. I think.
Today we took advantage of the National Trust 'lolz come to our houses for free' weekend and went to Cragside. It was nice:

Although the house itself was PROPER BUSY. The grounds were very pretty. Nobody seemed to mind that I'd brought my cuddly toy sloth, Myfanwy, along with me (my parents kindly sponsored a real sloth for me, and Myfanwy was part of the gift pack). That's my tactic. I act as normally as possible until people trust me, then unleash the insanity once people develop any kind of emotional attachment to me, so they feel obliged to not abandon me. It's working well so far.
I did quite a bit of cleaning too. Next weekend I'll be madly preparing for the Swedish Adventure! EEEEEEEEK!