My neighbours* are some of those 'teenagers' they've got now. One of them is, legally speaking, still a child. With the benefit of my great age, I am teaching them the benefits of not annoying your neighbours, or at least, I'm trying, in the least confrontational way possible. They committed the epic crime of having loud guests over till 2am on Friday morning (by all means, have a loud conversation right outside my door, it's not like you have a house you can talk in OH NO WAIT IT IS RIGHT THERE), leading to me turning up to work exhausted on Friday. Thought I'd catch up on sleep on Saturday morning but OOOOH NOOO, they consider before 9am on a Saturday the perfect time to install a satellite dish, entailing drilling so loud that my room actually shakes (and I wake up assuming that my boiler is exploding, for some reason).
Obviously I'm not confronting them or doing anything sensible. I have become a fan of 'Cradle of Filth' for the weekend. Also Rammstein, but I loved them anyway and always will do:

I've also been tin whistling, and I'm hoping that the change in musical styles will cause them confusion and thus add to their suffering. Of course, I'm rubbish at taking revenge really, because I'm not playing music before 10am or after 11pm, because that would make me hypocritical.
I haven't done much else this weekend other than watch Mad Men, which I've become obsessed with. LOOK AT THIS DRESS:
Had I the £50-odd available for such a dress, I would become the very embodiment of late 1950s- early 1960s glamour. I would also take up smoking, excessive drinking, and would be harassed by literally every man, which doesn't sound that appealing, actually. It's a nice dress though. Maybe when I've made my fortune in translation.
I should've been packing for Sweden (where I'll be THIS TIME NEXT WEEK) but have been woefully useless as I was distracted by my rediscovery of Dungeon Keeper 2.

*It must be said that I'm moaning about specific neighbours here. Other nextdoor contains little Alastair, who trots along to work with me each morning, and nextdoor but one contains a nice couple whose fish I'm looking after while they're off gallivanting.