I have been adjusting to life in Alnwick once more, although my flat needs a proper clean. A task for the weekend, methinks. Possibly while watching Eurovision. I also have a massive pile of sweets from Hemköp in my kitchen, but as I've semi-started a half-hearted means of eating less food that rhymes with 'try it', because I'm concerned my backside is larger than Luxembourg now, I might have to wait until it's shrunk to the size of a largeish town rather than a small country.
Work's going fine. I got to do something about maternity clothes, which has somehow made me yet more broody, if such a thing were possible. I'm fretting over whether I made mistakes in it, as I always do. In my spare time, however, I find myself missing Custard the kitten (even though he frightened me so) and idly exploring Lund University's website. I bet they troll me by introducing tuition fees the moment I decide to go.
I've cut a couple of inches off my hair, although it's still long (because I've forgotten to hack at it over the past two years). I'm thinking of taking YET MORE off so it's shoulder-length, but am not really sure whether this is a good plan. I still want to have enough to hide in if necessary.
I'm considering going home in a couple of weeks for the Bank Holiday weekend (my dad has been elected mayor of my hometown, much to my humiliation, so I would have to go in disguise) but o, it would cost me over £80. I know it's a long way and all that, and I chose to move here and everything, but £80 just to frolic with my family for a couple of days? I might just have to bite the expensive bullet and live off potatoes and cabbage for the rest of the month. I COULD MAKE COLCANNON.