I took the wise decision to invest in a Thermos flask yesterday, to enable me to take a full litre of coffee into work. I don't want to get so caught up in my 'reluctant-healthier-eating-so-as-to-reduce-size-of-backside' scheme so far that I fall behind on my coffee drinking. It was a good plan productivity-wise for the first couple of hours, as I managed to translate over 1000 words in a couple of hours (we aim for about 2000 per day). Alas, the huge amounts of caffeine in my system thereafter meant that I couldn't focus on much at all. Then we had a fire drill, so I had to focus on remaining noble and heroically saving my colleagues. Now I am concerned that on Monday, I'll discover that the 1000 words of 'translation' was just a stream of consciousness. I've never written a stream of consciousness before, except on this very blog. It is frightening to consider what my consciousness might look like when written down.
I've also re-taken-up Memrise. I know I've waxed lyrical about the site before, but it's like, the best site I've discovered for teaching yourself languages. In addition, it is amusing:

I've been on the same course for HOURS AND HOURS. I think I'm only about 1/10th of the way through, but that's fine, because I guess the point is to learn loads of words and that, and not to finish the course. I do get tempted away from Swedish by Frisian and Finnish and Morse Code, but the Swedish course is the main one I'm concentrating on. I shall no doubt shortly be fluent and shall impress and delight everyone.
It is good I have this source of entertainment, as I have to limit my spending for the rest of the month (normally, I'd be spending money on 'shots' at 'nightclubs' and 'discotheques', of course). I think I probably will head home over the Bank Holiday weekend, although shall probably feel guilty at spending so much on just 3 days at home. My meal plans for this month are largely potato and cabbage-based. OMNOMNOM.