I took the incredibly wise decision of leaving my purse at work on Friday. At least, that's where I HOPE I left it. I'm not panicking about it yet, partly because I'm on medication that (theoretically) makes it impossible to panic or to feel emotions lower than a 3 or higher than an 8 on the emotional scale, and partly because there's nothing I can do about it until tomorrow. It's made my choice of meals quite interesting, because I tend to go shopping every few days throughout the week rather than do a big weekly shop, meaning I don't often have, like, LOADS of food in the house. Tonight my tea shall be porridge made with water. And maybe some peas.
It didn't matter too much. Yesterday's entertainment was drinking a tiny amount of limoncello; a tiny amount, but enough for me to get overexcited about Eurovision. I voted for Romania but didn't mind when Denmark won. I was delighted that they had a tin whistle. Now my life-plan involves moving to Denmark or southern Sweden so that I can easily access Eurovision next year, although I have a feeling I'll probably still be in Northumberland this time next year. This is not so bad, for Northumberland has many attractions.

SUCH AS THE FARNE ISLANDS. We took a trip today, and I was saved when my good neighbour and colleague Alastair was kind enough to allow me to borrow money off him. It was a fun trip. We got to see seals and that.



I reckon it must be quite fun to be a seal. They looked very relaxed. We couldn't land on any of the islands because it was well foggy and that, but I was content to stay in my boat. It wasn't technically my boat, but I liked to assume that I was captaining it. I was worried I'd feel seasick because it was so choppy, but in fact, I was fine. I've always been fine on smaller boats, it's just massive ferries that appear to present a problem. It makes me feel more encouraged to achieve my ambition of joining the RNLI one day, though. O, but I am supposed to be moving to Sweden/Denmark. Maybe they have their own version there.
It was fun to traipse around Seahouses, which hadn't changed one bit since I was last there 5 years ago. Despite the fact that it was freezing cold, people were wearing t-shirts. Northumbrians are like über-Geordies, I've decided.
Now I'm off to fret about going home next weekend (I decided to bite the expensive bullet after all), because while I'm now incapable about worrying about things that'd worry a normal person, like misplacing a purse containing everything one needs to live a normal life, I still worry about abnormal things like routine train travel, the enormous size of my backside, whether I'm a sociopath, and whether I defragment my hard disk often enough.