Got a letter with my sanity snacks prescription saying that while the doctor's 'allowed' this set of sanity snacks, he wants me to make an appointment before I order the next batch. This worries me (of course it does. Everything worries me. That is one of the key issues here). Even though I won't need to make the appointment for another couple of months, I'm worried that he'll try and make me come off the sanity snacks, and although I'm very sure I don't want that to happen yet, I don't know what to say to him. I'm a lot better overall, but at the same time, I often still feel too panicky to even eat, and that can't be normal. I still don't fully understand why things can be good from a career/social/living situation/everything point of view, but bad in terms of a mental point of view.
In short, I don't know how I want to deal with the massive Gordian knot that I'm using as a metaphor for my psychological state. If I knew of a way of staying on the sunnier side of the street without sanity snacks, I'd opt for that, but I have noooooo idea. I know that's kind of why the GP is there, but I barely know him and it feels awkward to discuss my insanity with him. I miss my old GP in Buckinghamshire. That's pretty much the only thing I miss about Buckinghamshire, but there we go. Maybe I can get them to do a swap or something.
In unrelated news, I did Good Bouldering yesterday and managed to even go UPSIDE DOWN. It was fun. I'd like to go more than once a week if my aching muscles agree. My Backside Reduction Scheme is going REASONABLY well. I don't own scales so I guess when I go home this weekend I shall weigh myself, do a bit of weeping, weigh myself again to see if I'm any lighter after having shed the tears, and so on. Probably can't do any harm to eat slightly more healthily, though. I used to drink fizzy drinks nearly every day, but since I gave them up for Lent, I've felt less of a need for them, so it's maybe once a week. I'm also considering limiting my alcohol intake even more- not that it was too high before this, but because sanity snacks and alcohol don't mix.
I have also been using Memrise to improve my Swedish- in fairness, there was and is infinite room for improvement. Try it! Be my Mempal! I can translate whole sentences now. Provided they are very simple, and after quite a while, true, but still- I can do it!