I know there is little more tedious than hearing about other people's dreams, but well, the risk of causing tedium rarely stops me from sharing any information. A main side-effect of my sanity snacks is that I remember my dreams a lot more than before, and the dreams I have tend to be very, very vivid. For instance, I once had a dream that I was a Polish WW2 fighter pilot, and the dream was epic, spanning from when I started out, all wide-eyed and innocent, to when I finally stopped at the end of the war and received an award from the queen but was really cynical because all my comrades had died. It was like every war film ever made.
This time my epic dream spanned from the final few months of my (non-actual) pregnancy to when my (also non-actual) baby was about a year old. The dream also included labour, about which I won't go into detail, but like the rest of the dream, it was very realistic. I was going to name the baby Owain Joseph, but my mum didn't like the repeated 'o' sound, so I called him Ciaran Joseph instead. These are all names that I would strongly consider naming my son*. He was both chubby and clever, and when I woke up, it took me several minutes to understand that I don't actually have a baby. I woke up actually wondering where he'd gone and feeling guilty for forgetting about him. My mind scares me sometimes. I probably should have a baby at some point, perhaps when I've figured out how to tolerate other people and manage in a relationship like a normal person.

*I have a whole list. Most of them are Celtic names. My maternal granddad's called Joseph and I think it is an excellent name, so that's a strong possibility too.